Poets @ Artfest IV 2018

Poets @ Artfest IV

Following wonderful events in 2015, 2016, & 2017, the 2018 poetry festival should be equally so and will feature 56 poets from Ontario and Quebec in this 3-day event. Included this year: an early morning workshop on Saturday, and an open mic late Sunday afternoon. Also, this year, with lines submitted outside the tent throughout the course of each day, a collaborative poem will be created, compiled, and then shared online each evening. The complete 3-day poem will also appear with credit for pieces given.

Some of the published poets will be bringing books as well, for display and sale.

For more information contact: Bruce Kauffman, organizer, host and editor at bruce.kauffman@hotmail.com

Saturday, June 30

Writing workshop
9:00 - 10:30am
A Free ‘Intuitive Writing’ workshop - (Signup begins at 8:45am)

Ron Chase, Bob MacKenzie, Meg Freer, Nathalie Sorensen
12:30-1:30 pm
LJ Weisberg, Sandra Davies, Deidre Reitav, Susan McMaster
2– 3pm
Dale Tracy, Leslie Saunders, Kait Allen, Carolyne Van Der Meer
3:30 – 4:30pm
Anne Graham, Carole TenBrink, Tara Kainer, Mary Cameron
5 – 6pm:
Jennifer Londry, Kathleen Reichelt, Wes Rickert, Peter Sims


Sunday, July 1

Tim Murphy, Travis Canadien, Beth Marie Michalska, Ken Chin
Jennie Marshall, Kin Man, Haley Sarfeld, Barbara Lorraine Laing
1:30– 2:30pm
Kathy Figueroa, Dallas Bader, Louise Carson, Sarah Tsiang
3:– 4pm:
Judith Popiel, Andrea O'Farrell, Sasha Hill, Alyssa Cooper
Open Mic (in the round)

Monday, July 2

10:30 –11:30am
Pat Connors, Eugene Cornacchia, Paul Chaput, Kate Rogers
12:– 1pm
Eric Folsom, Elizabeth Greene, Jason Heroux, John Donlan
1:30 – 2:30pm
Bruce Whiteman, Robert Hogg, Nicholas Power, Armand Ruffo
3:– 4pm
Chantel Lavoie, Jeanette Lynes, Kate Marshall Flaherty, Tom Gannon Hamilton
4:30 –5:30pm
Donna Langevin, Paul Kelley, Nadia Pacey, Bruce Kauffman


Copies still available

Last year in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday we published the Canada 150th anthology of 130 pages of poetry. Bruce Kaufman curated the collection. Poets from Kingston, Ontario and Quebec contributed to this project. The results are interesting, thought provoking and heartfelt. The book is still available to purchase online, at Artfest Kingston, the Kingston Tourism Centre and the Thousand Islands Gift Shop on Ontario Street.